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W i n e 

O u r    i d e n t i t y


When Paralelo 45 was created at the end of 2016, the establishment started as a wine bar before transforming into the "bistro" restaurant it is now. 

The wine identity remained and was developped in order to allow very special pairings of local and international wines with the Chef's beautiful dishes. In fact, our large selection by the glass enables our guests to enjoy an authentic wine pairing experience. Each of our printed menus contain a wine recomendation by the glass and our trained bilingual staff is always available to recomend the most suitable reference.

Our close collaboration and friendship with producers located all over the country gives us access to large variety of wines. Therefore, we can make sure all wine regions are represented on our wine list.

T h e    4 5 th    p a r a l l e l

2021-01-16 (3).png

Halfway between the pole and the equator, the 45th parallel forms a climatic belt which happens to be ideal for wine-growing. There are famous French vineyards on this particular latitude. In fact, some of them are considered the best in the world. In the Bordeaux region, the 45th Parallel passes through Fronsac, Pomerol and St Emilion until it crosses Côtes du Rhône between l’Hermitage and Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Heading east, the 45th parallel passes right through the Italian growing regions of Piemonte, Lombardia and Venetia where you can find the renowned Valpolicella wines. As it maintains its path through the Pacific, we arrive in California where the wines from Napa Valley benefit from the freshness of the sea close by.
It then arrives in Oregon where the land is considered the best for the Pinot Noir grape. The circle is complete once it goes through the Atlantic Ocean. 
Located on the 33d parallel, Portugal also has an amazingly rich choice of breath-taking wines that we happen to be very fond of. Our goal is to make you discover both! Cheers !

L X    W i n e t a s t i n g    C l u b


A Group of wine fanatics and professionals who come together to deepen their knowledge and understanding by blind tasting wines of the world.
Created in 2014 summer time by wine writer Augusto Lopes and wine journalist Manuel Moreira, LX Wine Tasting Club has found it's home in Paralelo 45's cosy tasting room. Whether the members are well known wine producers, writers or award winning "sommeliers", they all share the same passion and thirst for knowledge.

Once a month, some of the most respected professionals in the Portuguese wine scene meet, taste and debate in amazing blind tasting sessions.


Bottles from all over the world selected according to grape variety, region or country, travel to the tasting room hidden behind aluminum for the members to discover the wine behind the label after a thourough analysis.After years of tastings and exchanges on the world of wine, those sessions have contributed in developping Paralelo 45's wine identity and expertise."

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