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P  r i v a t e    e v e n t s


Over the years, Paralelo 45 has become one of the best spots in Lisbon city center to organise small and larger events. Whether you are an individual or a company, a large range of services are available to create a unique experience for your guests and yourself.

For small events, our comfortable tasting room can be privatized for up to 20 people. In the case of a larger group, the entire restaurant is available to rent for up to 50 guests. Your event will be "taylor made" in order to match your needs and inspiration. Below is a list of different type of events we have organised in the past and that we could happily set up for your special occasion. 

          Wedding or anniversary celebration: lunch, brunch or dinner with live music  (up to 50 guests)

          Professional lunch or dinner with "on screen" presentation (up to 50 guests)

          Wine tasting of all types animated by professionals (up to 50 guests)

          Reception party ( up to 60 guests) 

For more information, please contact us directly: Tel: (+351) 963 737 740 / (+351) 214 068 514 


O p e n    e v e n t s

Since 2017, we have taken a lot of pleasure in setting up many different open events for our guests. From the celebration of gastronomy to live music events and special wine tastings with producers, here is a taste of what we have been organizing in the past. All upcoming events are automatically broadcasted on our social media channels.


          The celebration of French gastronomy in collaboration with the French Embassy and in the presence of the French ambassador

          An Argentinian dinner and a Tango dance demonstration with tango's world champion in the presence of the ambassador of Argentina

          Chãteau Palmer, one of Bordeaux's finest estates, wine tasting

          Fado nights - Special weekly dinners with professional fado singers

          Apérosé nights - weekly parties in collaboration with Piorro, a rosé wine producer and a local DJ

          Setubal Oyster tasting in collaboration with the brand Very Oyster

          Imternational Women's day in collaboration with Piorro, a wine producer from Douro

          New Year's Eve with Brazilian singers and dancers

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